How to make money on the stock online

How to make money on the stock online

Boss Pei pumped 40 million yuan into the haunted house without any hesitation and allocated not a single cent to the surrounding facilities.

Why was that? Didn’t Boss Pei not know the importance of surrounding facilities?He definitely knew!

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Chen Kangtuo finally understood Boss Pei’s profound meaning in doing this after seeing Boss Li and the rest of the investors.

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Employ limited resources where they were needed most. Spend all the money on the Thriller Hostel project itself, providing tourists with the most perfect and top-notch experience!

The supporting facilities were, of course, left to the others.

Monopoly was not a good habit. He would have many enemies even if the projects were completed.

On the contrary, if these people were allowed to dip into the cookie jar, they would use all their connections and resources to fully support the development of the haunted house. Little things add up; many hands make light work for the project to be successful.

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Therefore, Boss Pei must be supportive of them building the surrounding facilities.

However... why was he not allowed to give suggestions?

Chen Kangtuo thought it must be because Boss Pei did not want his thinking to influence the others.

Every investor has his own unique skills. If Chen Kangtuo were to take care of everything

– plan for them or choose the sites for them, then no one would use their brains and their unique skills would be wasted.

Boss Pei’s move was definitely aimed to fully mobilize the subjective initiative of these investors so everyone could do their most.