What can I make a game platform on the Internet?

What can I make a game platform on the Internet?

Until now, Tre’ainar never so much as stuttered even after seeing Mr. Aka, Bro, or Toulowe, but this time, with this girl named Kron before him, he seemed tremendously displeased.

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“Umm~… all things considered… you…”

“dah?? Hey, wha!? H, hey, whoa! What’s with that all of a sudden?”

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The moment I took my eyes off her, Kron was looking into my face from below with an innocent expression. Moreover, she was so close.

So I take a step back in surprise at the unexpected sense of distance.

But when he saw me, Kron looked somewhat pleased…

“Fufufu, you… are the second one!”

“…… What?”

“So far, everyone I’ve met has spoken with extremely polite speech … but you don’t. You’re the second man I’ve met who does that!”

Apparently, casual talk, moreover from the opposite sex was unusual to her.

She was happy about that, such a weird girl.

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“Not since Bro!”


“Oh! Do you know of Bro?”

“Ah, well, I know him…”

Of all people, I had the same treatment or attitude as him… but…… she’s never heard anything other than honorific language, who was she really…