Online recruitment information make money reliable?

Online recruitment information make money reliable?

Now, he was getting one of the system units for free? How could that be?!

He took the pen from the manager and wrote down his shipping address, still only half-believing what was happening. He wrote ‘Handong Jiaotong University’s main campus, Block Number 14, 4-03’. Then, he wrote his name and cell phone number under it.

The manager nodded. “Alright, we’ll arrange for delivery now. Please be prepared to receive the delivery.”

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The manager picked up the pen and paper and then left.

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Yu Hang scratched his head, unable to wrap his head around what just happened.

What’s going on?!

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The manager came, asked for my address, and then left.

That was it?!

Yu Hang began to doubt that he had even won a prize. Perhaps he had imagined everything. Perhaps this was the side effect of having too much coffee.

“Forget it. They didn’t ask for any money from me anyway. I’ll just wait.” Yu Hang did not think too much into it. Instead, he continued playing Ocean Stronghold.

I’ll just wait. If I really receive something in a few days, then I will decide what to do.

He played until 1 PM and then began to feel his stomach rumbling with hunger. It was time to eat.

It was about time to go home.

On the way home, he ordered Fish-Catching Take-Out. That way, he would receive his order once he arrived back at his dormitory. He could eat and then take an afternoon nap. Life was beautiful.

When he reached the main entrance of his school, his cell phone rang.