How to make money online, small elephants

How to make money online, small elephants

Boss Pei only headed to the company for one or two days a week, but he had been working hard to create a better office environment for employees.

Boss Pei was still not satisfied when Tengda’s office environment had far surpassed most companies.

Tengda’s office conditions were much better than those of many companies whose assets were much higher than Tengda.

This kind of employee-oriented spirit was really touching!

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Liang Qingfan and Pei Qian casually found a place by the window to sit down. They were on a high floor, and the entire CBD scenery was unobstructed.

Someone next to him brought coffee; Pei Qian tasted it, and it was good. It should be the same brand used by Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

“How’s the situation in Sloth’s Apartment recently?” Pei Qian asked.

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Liang Qingfan smiled and said, “Everything is going well, Boss Pei.

“Many architects and designers took the initiative to find us after the success of the sloth apartment model. Of course, I also took the initiative to dig a few talents to prepare for future business expansion.

“Sloth Apartment has three main business areas now.

“The first is to do high-end customization for clients.”

“The extreme simplicity style is very popular so many customers are coming to us for the ultimate simplicity style. Therefore, in addition to the general plan on our own website, we are half-selling and half-gifting to everyone, and we will also make special decoration customization for some customers.

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“All of these newly recruited designers can be on their own. Each is responsible for a project. I am responsible for checking and ensuring that every plan is made in line with the style of the Sloth Apartments.

“This is not very profitable, but no matter how small the mosquito is, it is meat. Moreover, this customized business is also good for continuing to expand the popularity of Sloth Apartments.