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“Hmm, that too is true. Then, let’s stand on the same stage as soon as possible. In the next match.”

“Well, in that case, I’ll just watch from afar.”

“Hahahaha, nice one, you. You’re quite cheeky, but I don’t mind.”

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Saying so with confidence, he flipped his cloak and spat out unnerving words.

I mean, wouldn’t a cloak be an obstacle in a tournament like this?

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“Well~, let’s put that aside, how about it, aye? Next time, why don’t you come to our dojo for practice, aye?”

“How destructive is your fist when you really thrust it out?”

“I like you. Would you like to train at our dojo in the future?”

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“You’re certainly strong, but you should add more meat on those bones! Next time, come and eat our dojo’s famous hot pot dish!”

“May I touch your ass?”

“Why don’t we see which of us is bigger?” [1]

I was suddenly surrounded by the people from the other dojos as well.

Even when I look at Machio, he’s just smiling gently.

However, I was kind of embarrassed, smelled sweaty, and there were some people who I didn’t want to get involved with, so I slipped out of the circle.

“Well, later then. I’m going to join the audience!”

If you’re in a place like this, you’d still like to be surrounded by gorgeous sisters.

I just said my greetings and ran from the spot.

On the way...