What can be done part-time to make money online

What can be done part-time to make money online

Eric thought for a moment. “The current activity is mainly based on discounts. It’s not impossible to lower the current discount, but the effect might not be good. It might also cause dissatisfaction among consumers.”

Zhao Xuming nodded. That was easy to understand.

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For example, gamers were very happy to buy this skin at a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount. However, it became a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount in less than two days. How could gamers tolerate that?

It would be very troublesome if he were to refund the difference in prices for gamers. On top of that, it would make people feel that the game company was too childish. They would say that their words did not account for anything if they were to change their words day and night.

Thus, he had to come up with something else even if he wanted to increase the discount.

Eric asked, “Boss Zhao, you understand the preferences of the players in the mainland. What kind of promotional activities do you think would be more popular?”

Zhao Xuming thought for a moment and had an idea. “What do you think... about a lucky draw?”

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“The lucky draw has always been a favorite way for domestic players to spend money, especially the surprise of obtaining a rare reward. It would give them a lot of satisfaction.”

“We can organize a lucky draw event. On the surface, the discount would be slightly lower, such as a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount. However, gamers would draw something that they do not need and encourage them to spend more. It would not be a loss to us.”

“We can take out many limited skins that are no longer sold and put them in the prize pool in order to increase our attractiveness to players.”

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“Players would be very satisfied as long as we do this lucky draw event with a little conscience.”

“There are no similar lucky draw events at Tengda’s 515 Gaming Festival. Boss Pei’s ‘pure gifting’ mode does not support lucky draw events. If we do this, we should be able to compete with Tengda.”

Eric nodded. “Yes, that sounds good!”

“How long would it take to develop this event?”