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This girl was really simple and honest. She must have watched too many dramas to think that people in the company would steal business secrets. They were just an ordinary games company. What kind of business secrets were there to steal…?

Pei Qian went back to watching his shows. All of a sudden, he realized that there was a problem.

“That’s not right. Tang Yishu had only started work last week. Why would she be worried about others stealing business secrets?

“Had she noticed someone acting sneakily?

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“That’s not right either. On normal days, everyone would be working hard at their desks. No matter who Tang Yishu noticed, she would probably not think that they were stealing business secrets, right?

“Why did she suspect that someone was stealing business secrets?

“…Wait a moment. Did she see someone over the weekend?”

All of a sudden, Pei Qian realized that things were not as simple as they seemed!

The intelligent Boss Pei quickly conjured up an entire drama in his head.

Over the weekend, Tang Yishu came to the office to clean up Glabella’s poop as she was meant to. Logically, the office should have been empty; nobody should have been there.

However, Tang Yishu noticed someone sneakily working on something at his desk. She began to feel worried that this person was stealing business secrets.

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Although Pei Qian knew for a fact that there were no business secrets worth stealing in the office, Tang Yishu had purely thought that way because she had no working experience. However, this proved that somebody had been sneakily working overtime over the weekend!

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Who was it?!

Boss Pei had instructed everybody time and time again that they had to formally apply for permission to work overtime. They could only work overtime if Boss Pei approved it; otherwise, working overtime was strictly prohibited.