How to publish mission online

How to publish mission online

“I think another reason is that GOG’s skin has always been cheap from the beginning. Everyone is used to it, and there’s not much room for them to lower their prices. However, GOG’s skin was very expensive at the beginning. Moreover, too many veteran gamers have already bought a lot of skins. Now, their value was suddenly cut in half. No one can accept that.”

“That’s true. It’s just like buying a house and a car where the prices halved not long after the purchase, and the price would not be maintained. It’s a commercial act where most people would experience a mental breakdown...”

“Didn’t you say that you were going to create a commemorative skin and a commemorative portrait for old players?”

“At first, it was supposed to be for local players, but the veteran players in foreign servers quit. That’s why Finger Games changed its tune and said that all veteran players would have it. In the end, it did not have much of a calming effect...”

The more Pei Qian read the comments below the post, the more panicked he became. He sat up straight in bed.

“This is bad. IOI seems to have entered a vicious cycle.”

“Damn, I’m so envious...”

Pei Qian thought that Finger Games would be able to quell the anger of gamers very soon. However, it seemed like it was not that simple!

That was because the gamers that IOI was targeting were obviously split into three.

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The new players in the local server, the veteran players in the local server, and the players in the international server. IOI couldn’t bear to let go of any of these three groups and wanted to curry favor with all of them, but the interests of these three groups were too different.

If Finger Games tried to please any group, it would trigger an intense backlash from the other two groups.

That would put them in a certain ‘luxury car predicament’. When luxury car brands faced problems and their value fell and sales fell, many luxury car brands could only choose to reduce their prices in order to stop losses.