What is the most profitable job online?

What is the most profitable job online?

I was sweating buckets. Why… would Misumi-kun be here… I felt a gaze on my back from the register…

But, without knowing the situation, Misumi-kun set off a landmine.

“Oh right, Amano-kun, were you able to give your copy of Kurikure 3 to her?”


I can’t help but feel hatred towards that big smile! Even though he didn’t have any bad intentions and didn’t know what was happening… sorry, Misumi-kun! I want to hit you really badly!

I didn’t even have time to punch him, though, since I felt a presence approaching me from the back.

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Turning around in surprise, there was… not Misumi-kun, but rather, the broadly grinning Miyamoto-san.

“Hey hey, we meet again, boy!”


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I involuntary screamed, as if I saw a face from one of Umezu Ka○o’s works. Still unable to read the mood, Misumi-kun tilted his head in curiosity. Miyamoto-san kept smiling with a grin.[4]

Miyamoto stood in front of me, and I broke out in a cold sweat at the situation… in an instant, he abruptly kneeled on the ground and prostrated himself.

“Please! I can pay however much you want, but please give me the game!”

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I refused instantly. T-this is too valuable. It’ll open up a bridge between me and Tendo-san. It’s not something that can be solved with money.

However, Miyamoto-san kept begging.

“Then what do you want!? My signature!? Do you want my signature!?”

“I don’t want it!”