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Pei Qian introduced the two of them. “This is the in-charge-cum-team-leader, Zhang Yuan. This is the professional coach, Li Yaling.”

Both of them shook hands. After that Zhang Yuan looked at his own hand, confused.

This girl’s grip is pretty strong! Li Yaling was dressed in long pants and a sweater today. Since she was quite small in stature, all of her well-built muscles were hidden underneath her clothes. On top of that, her face looked sweet and beautiful. One would not be able to guess her true strength from her appearance. Li Yaling had been feeling quite apprehensive at first. She had been afraid that she would teach badly and embarrass Boss Pei. However, after seeing the current situation, all of her worries dissipated. No matter what, she would definitely do a better job than Captain Zhang.

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The only thing that she could not figure out was why there were so many computers in the living room.

Footsteps were heard outside the door. The contestants were back from their breakfast.

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Pei Qian glanced at his watch: they were just in time. He quickly gestured for the contestants to gather around him.

“Coach Yaling, come on. I’ll introduce you to the ten contestants you’ll be training.”

Li Yaling was stunned. She looked at the young, skinny internet addicts and then looked at the serious Boss Pei. It was then that she realized something was off.

The ten of them were even worse than Zhang Yuan!

Although she could tell that Zhang Yuan had never trained in his life, at least he had muscles. On the other hand, the ten contestants either looked as skinny as monkeys or overly plump. Some had hunched backs, and some had twisted bones. Even their postures were problematic.

Obviously, those ten people were not body-builders.

Then, Li Yaling thought about the computers in the living room. All of a sudden, she understood something. At the same time, the ten young, internet addicts formed a row in the living room and sized their new coach up. Many of them instinctively lowered their heads, not daring to make eye contact with her.

So... so adorable!

Strictly speaking, Yaling’s face was quite bewitching. She was sweet and beautiful, especially in the baggy sweater and jeans that she had on today. They covered her muscles and accentuated her figure perfectly.

Of course, none of the internet addicts had seen anyone like her. At once, all of them became more autistic. All of them had been expecting to see an oily, middle-aged man or a more experienced internet addict like themselves. They would never have thought that their coach would be a cute girl.

This was so exciting!

As for Zhang Yuan, he naturally felt worried.

Everyone knew that female candidates did not have the upper hand in the world of esports. He did not even know which section this female coach belonged to, whether she could serve her team or not or whether she understood the game well enough to become a coach or not.

At that point, Pei Qian knew that it was time to come clean with everyone. He cleared his throat and prepared for his performance.