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“Since Boss Pei was the one who came up with this plan, there shouldn’t be a problem!

“I’ll make arrangements for work to start as soon as possible!”

May 31st...

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Pei Qian was sitting in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Handong University branch when he picked up Little Sun’s call.

“Boss Pei, I’ve found the buildings that you asked for. When were you planning to look at them?”

After some consideration, Pei Qian said, “2 PM. Pick Mr. Liang up from the hotel and then pick me up from the internet cafe. We’ll go there together.

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“Send me the details of the two neighborhoods as well. I want to read through them.”

A month had already passed since Pei Qian moved into his new house.

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Over this month, Pei Qian had been very satisfied with the Sloth Apartments’ style. Not only could it dissuade potential tenants, but it could also provide the optimum environment for him to live in.

Until now, Pei Qian was still the only one living in Sloth Apartments’ first building. There was not a single other tenant.

On one hand, this was because they had not done much publicity for the apartments. On the other hand, they were expensive, and there were many rules. Naturally, even those who stumbled upon the apartments—who were among the minority-lost interest. All in all, everything was going well so far!

That was why Pei Qian decided that he could more or less continue. He had not finished spending all the money earned from the box office, but he could do so very quickly by buying buildings. Furthermore, considering that ten percent of the value of his fixed assets will be counted among the System Funds, Pei Qian could peg the limit at sixty or seventy million yuan for the current cycle. He had already spent thirty million yuan before, and that left him with another forty million. This time, Pei Qian planned to buy two more buildings. He would spend about 35 million yuan and leave the remaining money for renovations. If he fell short, he would add more later on.

He also had to make sure to repeat his successes. For example, these houses would need to have innate flaws as well.

Additionally, he could prioritize odd-shaped apartments.

Renting out regular-shaped apartments that faced north or south would be easy as long as they were nicely renovated. However, odd-shaped apartments often implied an uncomfortable living experience. Space would be wasted, and the price-quality ratio would be poor.

If houses like that were priced slightly higher, nobody would want to rent them.

Tenants would also be prohibited from moving their own furniture into the new buildings. Pei Qian would also keep other successful practices such as maintaining high prices by hiring butlers and cleaners and implementing a minimalistic style throughout all the apartments.