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「First of all, Vanguard of Thousand Blade Academy – Allen Rodore! What a total victory of all the battles so far! Moreover, he is the dark horse of this tournament that achieved the feat of『all wins unscathed』without receiving a single sword wound!」

And without delay, she began to introduce the next contestant.

「And next, Vanguard of Astrology Academy – Sven Rosrick! He belongs to a rare school of the southern origin called the Soft Sword Style, and has left a wonderful performance of winning all the matches so far, the same as contestant Allen!」

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The swordsman who was introduced slowly climbed up to the stage.

Sven Rosrick.

Long black hair extending on both sides.

Cool facial features that could be mistaken for being around 3 years older.

He was almost as tall as me, about 170 centimeters tall.

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Yellow lines running on white fabric, the uniform of Astrology Academy, which looked like noble clothing, dressed his person.

When he climbed onto the stage, he stared at me.

「I am Sven Rosric. Just want to say best regards.」

He held out his right hand and seeked for a handshake.

「Me too, Sven-san.」

I grasped his right hand tightly and shook his hand before the battle.

(Sven-san has honest eyes. And above all, he’s a very polite person…)