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Do you do online Taobao business to make money?

I truly didn’t expect you guys to play! Can I be blamed that all of you insist on playing it?!

Pei Qian had not imagined that the game’s popularity would reach the school and even his own dormitory...

In the span of a single week, through the mass sharing of content creators and games media outlets, The Lonely Desert Road had turned so popular that Pei Qian was questioning life itself.

He was extremely relieved that streaming platforms were not as popular in 2009 just yet as it was still in a growing phase. At the moment, the only player that monopolized the market was Waiwai streaming platform that only had a mere hundreds of thousands of users.

If livestreaming was as popular as it was 10 years in the future...

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Pei Qian could not imagine how things would have been like.

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Pei Qian’s office…

“How is it going, Old Ma. Have you made a decision?” Pei Qian drank his tea as he asked.

“Not yet!” Ma Yang answered indignantly.


Pei Qian nearly spat out his tea. However, he was not at all angry; he was actually a little happy. It seemed as if Old Ma was going to make things easy for him.

If everyone was like Old Ma, I could have gotten all the money within the system into my own account long ago!

“My main task now is to find a suitable helper.” Ma Yang drank some tea as he appeared like he had the situation well planned out.

Pei Qian suddenly grew a little concerned.