Is the online charging can make money?

Is the online charging can make money?

“It looks like Repent and be Saved’s downloadable content is more interesting. Even if Ocean Stronghold updates its story mode, it would only take an hour or two. The game is already so old. It can’t possibly take another four or five hours to complete the plot, right? Wouldn’t that be burning money?”

Qiao Liang opened Repent and be Saved first.

As an experienced gamer who had suffered many times, Qiao Liang knew Repent and be Saved’s contents like the back of his hand. He knew exactly where the monsters were and what would drop.

It was not because he had a good memory, but because he had been tortured too many times.

Anyone who died dozens of times in the same place would have a deep impression of this place.

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The downloadable content of the game might not be substantially updated but it was obvious that the designer had put in a lot of effort to create this new model. What’s more, it has indeed improved the game’s playability and interest.

It might be a randomised mode, but different monsters, Bosses, and props might cause a game bug or cause the entire game flow to be stuck when they randomly appear in certain places. The development team had obviously given it some serious thoughts in order to avoid these problems. They had set the rules to avoid such situations as much as possible.

It was still the same map but the location of the monsters and the dropped items had changed. The previous shortcut route was naturally not useful. The veteran players could push through the entire map from the beginning with a sense of novelty, and the process was filled with surprises.

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It was really worth it considering that it was selling at only 18 yuan.

It was easy to imagine that the Reincarnation Mode of Repent and be Saved would become a monthly mission for veteran gamers. They would be able to show off their veteran gamers’ identities with a few more souvenir weapons and appearances.

Qiao Liang played for a while. He was very satisfied with Repent and be Saved’s new mode. He saved the progress for now and to savor the game slowly.

Then, he opened Ocean Stronghold to check the downloadable content.

While Ocean Stronghold was widely known for its 888 yuan Red Kilin and rich PvP mode, the plot of the game was definitely not bad.