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SF Express online

From his serious expression, he must be very unhappy with the continuous state of losses for his internet cafes. Furthermore, he didn’t seem to have come up with any good ideas.

Perhaps, Li Shi could bring forward his plan at a partnership with Boss Pei?

Li Shi sipped his coffee again as he altered his plans slightly.

He long had the intention to invest in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, he had been worried that the big boss behind this business would not accept him; Li Shi had then decided to wait for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to make more losses first before making his offer.

Originally, Li Shi had thought that he had to wait for another couple of weeks or months. However, from the looks of it now, he actually didn’t have to wait that long.

Since this big boss was already facing a predicament, now might actually be the best time to test waters.

If he continued to wait, he might miss the golden opportunity. If this big boss suddenly decided to sell the internet cafe to someone else, wouldn’t that be Li Shi’s loss?

Thinking of this, Li Shi arranged his collar as he stood up to head outside and make a phone call.

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As an investment firm’s boss, Li Shi couldn’t approach Pei Qian directly. This might seem hasty and a little childish.

He was going to ask his subordinates to initiate a commercial arrangement, to express his desire to invest in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Next, he would choose an appropriate venue for discussions. This would be more appropriate and logical.

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In fact, most of Li Shi’s investment projects had come knocking at his door.

Entrepreneurs of all types of companies would bring detailed stacks of information and find Li Shi, requesting for him to invest in their projects. However, Li Shi would skim through them and get rid of most proposals, only keeping a small number he was really satisfied with.

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Businesses like Fish-Catching Internet Cafe were considered exceptions.