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“But Sensei, we’re going back to becoming Class D again, so doesn’t that mean we’re still failures?

Ike said, upset.

“On first glance, it does seem like you’ve gone back to square one, but throughout the year, you’ve all grown. Don’t mind the simple gap in class scores, your strength is actually getting closer to the other classes.”

“I’m actually scared that you’re praising us like this. Sensei, what’s the catch?”

The fact that Sudo was expressing worry towards Chabashira’s praise did have some logic behind it.

Considering the suspiciously uncharacteristic tone she used, suddenly holding an exam right now wouldn’t be that surprising.

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“That’s what I truly think. This is my 4th year as a teacher. Compared to the previous Class D, you guys really are a step up.”

Chabashira lightly tapped the blackboard.

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“Although the closing ceremony is tomorrow, meaning there won’t be any classes, remember that it’s still a school day.”

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Chabashira ended the discussion and dismissed the class.

I didn’t know how many students would go see off the 3rd years, but what would the girl in the table next to me do?

She was the sister of the student who had not only served as the student council president, but was also the student who had delivered the graduation speech as the leader of the graduating Class A.

Horikita stared motionlessly at the blackboard, thinking deeply.

Even though I felt like if I carelessly poked the snake, it would bite back, I tried to ask anyway.