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Will online selling dumplings to make money?

“Vice President Chang is really well-meaning. He’s dividing the people suitable for the mobile phone in advance so that they would not regret buying the cell phone. It’s the first time I’ve met such a conscientious manufacturer!”

“Is he trying to find shortcomings even if there isn’t?”

“Furthermore, many problems that Vice-President Chang raised such as insufficient self-research and lack of core technology is simply too harsh! However, doesn’t that prove that Otto Technologies have a never-ending enterprising spirit?”

“Yes, other mobile phone manufacturers only talk about the advantages at the press conference-not the disadvantages-while OTTO Technology is totally different. It has its own advantages but clearly recognizes its own shortcomings and constantly pushes itself...”

“Too sincere! I can tolerate this shortcoming. Give me one!”

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“Give me one set!”

“I’m serious; I really want one now!” “I mean it!”

The atmosphere at the press conference suddenly became enthusiastic. Many people began to clap and cheer uncontrollably.

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Chang You’s eyes were also moist on the stage. Unexpected, really unexpected! He did not expect such a reaction from the audience!

He originally thought that this slideshow was done very outrageously. He also did it to complete the task from President Pei headstrong

Right now, he realized just how perfect the process of the entire conference is in combination with the audience’s reaction!

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First, he had to discredit himself and completely break the psychological expectations of the audience. He designed a dark humor style for the news conference.

After that, it would be mandatory to introduce the advantages of the cell phone within five minutes. This would instantly ignite the atmosphere of the audience through a passage!

Then, he would have to talk about the shortcoming of the cell phone and change the atmosphere of the conference into one of dark humor!

Therefore, the audiences did not think that this cell phone was expensive anymore!

It seemed as though such was the magic of a totally different approach.

If one first introduced the advantages of their cell phone and brag about it, everyone would definitely resist the 8,199 yuan price tag no matter how good it was.