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Let you learn how to make money online

Well, that’s how it is.... normally I would just agree, but wait a minute!

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「Wait, damnit! Then, in terms of both amount of emission and magic capacity I’m losing, so I can’t win!」

「Right. In a magical battle, tis almost certainly impossible to win as you are now.」


「You cannot win on your own now. First of all, firmly face this reality, and listen to the rest of the story.」

First of all, let me know where I stand.

However, when presented with the numbers in this way, the difference is clear and painful, but it also puts the reality into my hands, I need to become stronger.

On top of that......

「With respect to magic capacity and the amount of magic emission, one can increase it with some training, but you cannot dramatically increase both in a short time. However, if tis only the amount of magic emission, this can be done in two months.」

「How is this?」

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The amount of magic emission is tripled!? It’ll only give one shot, but can release magic stronger than Fu’s!?

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And, what is Giga class really!?

「N-No way, how do you do it? You can increase the amount of magic emission with a certain degree of discipline, but as you have said earlier, when it comes to magic capacity, it has more to do with talent!」