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"But what do you think your boss will think if she finds out about this?".

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"Boss? What the hell are you talking about? Been watching too many movies?".

"Then I suppose I'll report this to Sakayanagi. That you aren't up to par as a tail".

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"...hold on a minute".

As I put my hands on the armrest and moved to stand up, Kamuro stopped me. Just from that attitude alone, I can tell she's not particularly happy about this situation.

"You're quite devoted to Sakayanagi. Day after day you're made to follow me for long periods of time and you still do your job properly. You two must be close".

"You must be joking. There's no way I'd actually want to obey that kind of person".

"No need to lie. As a matter of fact, you're spending your precious student life doing something as boring as tailing someone. That's something you'd only do because you trust in and respect Sakayanagi".

"Absolutely not. I'd cut all ties with her now if I could".

Intensely spitting that out, Kamuro seemed irritated.

"Then why do you obey Sakayanagi?".

"Doesn't matter why, right?".

"If you're not doing it out of goodwill then that must mean she's grabbed you by your weakness".

"...what are you trying to say?"

"I'll report the clumsy nature of her tailing to Sakayanagi. If I do that, your inability to act as her arms and legs will be exposed and that weakness of yours she's grabbed hold of may come to affect you later".