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“Are you saying that, if you hadn’t come to this school, we wouldn’t have met?”

As I nodded in response, she laughed, promptly denying it.

“Our reunion at this school was indeed a mere coincidence. But, I was confident that I’d meet you again sooner or later. It was fate, decided long ago.”

“Fate, huh? You’re saying some pretty abstract things.”

“Well, I am a young lady, after all.”

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Sakayanagi smiled as she spoke, slowly approaching me with her cane in hand.


“If you hadn’t enrolled in this school, I would’ve just postponed this for another three years or so. I was confident I could pass the time without rushing things, hiding my feelings of anticipation deep inside. But, that simply doesn’t work anymore. Ever since I found out you were within my reach, every passing day has just felt so long. It has been so very difficult to subdue my feelings; To subdue my burning desire to compete with you. That’s just how much I’ve been dreaming of today.”

Sakayanagi spoke eloquently. Her wish was finally being granted, was it?

“Aren’t you afraid to wake up from your dream?”

Once our competition happens, there would be no going back.

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“Dreams have to be woken up from at some point.”

She didn’t seem to care. The only thing on her mind was that today was the day her dreams would finally be realized.

“Normally… I’d ask you to go easy on me, but…”

The look in her eyes was not what you’d expect from a young girl. It carried a certain kind of sharpness that you’d see from a hunter going after its prey.

“Please, face me with everything you’ve got.”

If I were to compete with her half-heartedly, Sakayanagi wouldn’t be happy with that in the slightest.

While I wasn’t doing this in order to make her happy, it’d be far too troublesome to get involved with her any more than this.