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“Don’t be absurd. But…how can a girl change so much just by taking off her glasses and changing her hairstyle a little?”

“It means the original material was already top-notch. Didn’t you know that much?”

“Even if you say that…”

Akito and Keisei looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

“Oh dear. Well, it’s because you guys are like this that I’m comfortable hanging out with you.”

Akito shook off his worries and concentrated on his own serve.

With the game resumed, Airi let out a sigh of relief.

“When it comes to studying, how do I improve? Or rather, how do I get smarter I wonder…”

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Although Airi and the others prepare when tests come around, they don’t study from the ground up, unlike Horikita and Sudou. That part is essential when it comes to raising your academic level.

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Keisei overheard something related to studying, so began to explain in front of us.

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“The first step is to find out what you can and can’t do, isn’t it? Beginning with the 1st year of elementary school, we all start running side by side. But gradually our strengths and weaknesses when studying start to emerge. Do you know why?”