Online money pit project

Online money pit project

lery and plating;

The service staff looked sharp and were serving dish after dish of delicacies.

A total of fifty-seven people had come to Ming Yun Private Kitchen this time. This included the core employees from Tengda Games as well as from its subsidiaries Shang Yang Games, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Upwind Logistics, and Fei Huang Workspace.

In other words, all that had been invited by Boss Pei this time were all talents that he had high hopes for!

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As Lin Wan was after all the director of Shang Yang Games now, she naturally was on the name list as well.

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This villa had three floors with the largest space being the living room on the first floor. More than twenty people could sit at a long table. As the ceiling was seven meters high, the entire space did not feel cramped or pressurized at all.

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The long table was custom-made and seemed to only be used for such special occasions. Normally, a few small tables lined the hall.

All the other rooms had been redesigned into private rooms. As for who sat in the main hall and who sat in the private rooms; it was all free and easy. Pei Qian only wanted everyone to eat more and spend more money. He wasn’t that particular about who sat where.

As everyone more or less knew each other, they didn’t need to stand on formalities and could just sit and eat. Some people had not met each other for a long time due to work. Huang Sibo and Bao Xu, for example, were using this opportunity to catch up.

Huang Sibo told Bao Xu about his plans for the new short videos on digital product reviews while Bao Xu was sharing his woes about having to go on another paid overseas trip again.

“Everyone, eat to your hearts’ delight; don’t stand on ceremony. Whoever doesn’t eat his fill today is saying that he has a work attitude problem!”

Pei Qian spoke as he watched the expensive dishes that were being served from the kitchen one by one; he was over the moon.

Many of these exorbitant dishes had been prepared according to the recipes of some celebrity chefs. Dishes such as ‘crocodile tail soup’ and ‘sake with abalone’, etc. cost four to five thousand a portion.

The black and white-grade caviar that everyone had was worth two thousand a portion. With fifty-seven people present, that was instantly more than a hundred thousand spent.

Of course, Pei Qian bringing his own employees to eat here was essentially like putting money from his left hand into his right. Nevertheless, the cost price of these ingredients was going to cost him.

These top-grade ingredients were sourced from all over the country; some even had to be ordered from overseas and transported with haste using special services. Boss Pei himself was going to fork out this money.