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“Ah, s-sorry. I didn’t mean to criticize gaming…”

Aguri-san quickly tried to smooth things over when she saw all of us fell silent. However, I beamed a smile before responding.

“Ah, no, we’re not in a bad mood. Instead…I guess a person who has played games for a long time to probably feel like you’re right in a sense.”

“Hmm? R-Really? Uh…s-so, all gamers are masochists like Tendou-san?”

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“Not at all. Tendou-san’s the only extremity here.”

“Amano-kun, Amano-kun, that’s a weird way to smooth things over! It’s no joke when a boyfriend agrees that his girlfriend is a masochist!”

Tendou-san protested with a blush on her face. However, that’s not the point of what we’re discussing. So, I smiled and ignored her before continuing.

“How should I put this…I believe that only gaming can bring you the joy of fruitless labor.”

“…Amanocchi, you’re willing to buy for a fruitless labor experience?”

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“Well, I guess so…”

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I thought about it for a while. Then, I answered Aguri-san.

“…Well, for example, there’s an RPG that my parents bought for me when I’m in elementary. Ay, that’s actually just a counterfeit of a big-brand RPG. There’s no balance, it sucked all the way down to the mantle as a game. Also, after some browsing, I realized its price is even higher than the real one.”

“Uwah, what a waste!”

“Yeah, I was depressed when my parents got me the wrong game as well…But, think about it, I’ve always been like this. So, I’m scared to tell my parents that this isn’t what I wanted…”

“Amanocchi, I feel like that’s a bitter story. I don’t want to hear it…”

I looked up, and everyone’s giving me a depressed look. I hastily continued to lighten up the mood.

“H-However, my parents went through a lot to get me that game, after all. So, I decided to give it a try with my little brother. Sigh…that was such a bad experience. Even so, it’s not like I’ve any other ways to entertain myself…”