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“Yeah, although it was just a coincidence that I ended up overhearing it.”

“Nah, ‘course that was a surprise too, he beat me to it… More importantly he said he wants to study with me. He wants to join Suzune’s study group.”

That was unexpected, or rather, faster than I expected.

“Poor academic performance is fatal at this school after all.”

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Students were often in danger of being expelled from school due to academics, which was natural considering it was a student’s duty to study.

“It’s a precious time for me to be alone with Suzune, but if he’s motivated, I’ve got no choice but to support him, right? So Kanji’s gonna study hard, starting with summer training.”

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Summer training. Apparently, he intends to start studying right after this trip is over. Whether or not he’ll show any immediate results depends on Ike’s efforts, but some growth may become visible early in the second semester. Both Sudou and Ike may transform as a result of their love lives.

“There might be other members joining you, you know?”

“Huh? Seriously?”

“Ike isn’t the only student who started thinking they want to be taught by Horikita.”

“It’s not a guy, right?”

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He came at me and grabbed my shoulders with a serious look on his face.

“No…it’s not. It’s Satou, only Satou.”

I didn’t intend to give her name, but I confessed after being on the receiving end of his unyielding pressure.

“So it’s a girl. Well, if it’s like that… but Satou, huh? If it’s not only me, but Ike as well, she’s probably not gonna join the study group, is she?”

“Don’t you think you’re making certain assumptions? She seemed to have a strong resolve.”

“Hmm. Well, it’s okay. I’m not gonna lose no matter who’s comin’.”

He blew air out of his nose, and I could sense the continuation of his strong desire to study.