Do you hang up on the Internet?

Do you hang up on the Internet?

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Having listened to her in silence, Ryūen connected the reasoning a step further.

“No doubt, that was a set-up.”

“Not possible. I gave my blazer to the laundromat, but I definitely checked the pockets when I handed it over. Besides, the store would have told me if there was anything I missed when I came back to get it. So even if Karuizawa had tried to set a trap back then, wouldn’t it have been meaningless?”

“Indeed, that feat would be next to impossible to pull off at that point in time. However, that wasn’t her goal. Didn’t someone want to know whether or not you had a spare uniform?”

“Spare? Even if that were the case, it’s still impossible.”

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“What makes you so sure about that?”

“Are you saying that everyone there had set a trap for me and I wasn’t able to see through it? I’m not an idiot. I’m always observing the behavior and conduct of the people around me. I definitely would’ve felt something out of place if they were all lying to me.”

“Well, that’s probably right. However, the number of people who were lying to you was one or two at most.”

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“Haa? How did something like that-”

“There’s nothing to worry about. If there was someone who read the situation perfectly, deceiving you is just par for the course. Someone able to trace everyone’s thought patterns, characteristics, habits, and reactions to what’s going on around them. What kind of remarks you would make. Someone who managed to completely predict everything. Someone who planned out the script to your story as you wrote it.”

As Kushida thought back to that time, she began to think all of this might be possible. In particular, Hirata’s had a way of thinking that was consistently pacifist. He would be concerned if the blazer got stained, and he would also want to deal with Karuizawa’s unreasonable anger. Since it was just before the test, he would definitely want to ask whether or not she had a spare uniform as well. She began to think that might just be the case.

“Once they learned that you only had one blazer, the only thing left to do is plant the cheat sheet in it during gym class or something. It isn’t strange that you didn’t check the inside pocket of your blazer during the one or two days after you got it back from the cleaners. I suppose that there were a lot of other times where they could have tampered with it too. Nevertheless, the important question here is who thought of it. Not Suzune or Karuizawa, at least. They’re not the type who could do something like that.”

“So you’re saying that I was ensnared by them?”

“Not long before the exam, there was a letter that charged Ichinose with illegally getting her points, right?”

“It’s the one where you set her up. Why was that? There didn’t turn out to be anything illegal after all.”

“It’s a strategy that adequately shows what type of person the mastermind is.”