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Thinking that Li Shi was going to blame her for revealing the insider’s information, the cashier’s face drained of all color. “Boss Li, I-I-I-I... I didn’t say anything...”

Li Shi frowned. “I didn’t ask you what you said. I asked what he said.” “He?” The cashier tried hard to remember their conversation. “He... he only asked why more people were playing GOG than IOI. He also... also asked me if I had ever considered that ‘Tengda favoring GOG’ was a mere business tactic...”

Confused, Li Shi frowned even more deeply.

What did Boss Pei mean by that? Everyone out there knew that GOG was Tengda’s biological child. Could it be...?

A realization dawned on Li Shi. Boss Pei was testing him again! Once again, he was releasing false information and trying to shake his partners’ confidence!

He had done this for ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ and Thriller Hostel. On the surface, it seemed like he was trying to dissuade them. However, his intentions were actually the complete opposite!

Boss Pei wanted to test how determined Xing Le Internet Cafe was to partner with GOG!

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Li Shi waved his hand and said, “Take down all the advertising material for IOI. From now on, Xing Le Internet Cafe will only promote GOG!”

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At that moment...

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Liang Qingfan was still seriously considering how he could revise his renovation plans. He had completed those plans last week. This week, the construction team officially started work.

As for filming, Liang Qingfan had reached out to another famous workspace last weekend and hired a reputable videographer.

He had looked through the videographer’s previous works, which were not bad. Thus, he felt quite confident that the videographer would complete this task satisfactorily.

Liang Qingfan had already thought about it. First, he would let the videographer shoot all the material. After that, if Fei Huang Workspace resumed work, he would engage them to do the editing and post-production. Before the construction team entered the site, the videographer had already filmed the entire building’s original condition. After that, once construction work began, the videographer would film the place at regular intervals.

Renovations would take very long, and the total duration of the videos would probably add up to about half an hour. Thus, the videographer would not need to notify Liang Qingfan each time he went down. He would just have to ensure that he went down every once in a while and filmed for about ten minutes each time.Liang Qingfan would not remain at the construction site either. That meant it would be very unlikely that they would bump into each other.

Liang Qingfan did not see the need to supervise the videographer anyway. After all, the latter was a professional who would know better than he did.

Now, he was more worried about the details of the renovation.