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Karuizawa isn't the only one surprised by my words. Ibuki also couldn't resist cutting in to inquire about that mystery.

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"It comes with experience. I've seen a ton of rotten people throughout my life after all".

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"Huff, huff. S-Sorry to keep you waiting".

Ishizaki, who panickedly ran to fetch some water, came back a few minutes later. Buckets that were 80%!f(MISSING)illed with water. Seeing that, Ibuki once again hit me with a question.

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"You said there are two buckets, didn't you? How did you know that?".

"You guys don't even know how many surveillance cameras are installed throughout this school, do you?".

"Huh? There's no way we'd know that".

"You won't know if you don't look into it. But if you've done your research, you'll be able to understand anything your eyes fall on".

Bit by bit every day, I looked into the locations of the surveillance cameras set up inside the school. As a result, I also came to know that there are two buckets kept in reserve inside the toilet.

"One of the measures I took to confirm that was having Ishizaki and the others attack Sudou. Funnily though, there seems to have been a witness from Class D on the scene though".

Ishizaki's face turned apologetic.

If there were no witnesses, Class C would've stood to gain more from that incident.

"I told you, didn't I, Ishizaki? To never admit you're wrong, no matter what".

"Y-Yes.....I just felt timid for a moment there back then and.....".

But as a result, Ishizaki and the others were tricked by the fake surveillance camera and ended up confessing.

"At first glance, this school appears to operate with discipline. But that's not quite the truth. Depending on how you handle it, use of force may be permitted too".

There are clues scattered all throughout the average day hinting at that.

"You guys probably won't get it but the smart ones are constantly engaging in trial-and-error".