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“The Cold-Faced Lady now gives people a much better impression. I don’t know if it’s my own feeling or not.”

“What does the last line mean?”

“I’ve checked. It seems like the Cold-Faced Lady is building a food laboratory. They want to search for delicacies from all over the country, poach people, buy recipes, and turn these local delicacies into food for the Cold-Faced Lady.”

“Really? That’s great. When will these new products be released? I’ll be in Beijing. I’ll definitely try them when I have the time!”

The netizens’ attitudes were very positive. Even their attitude towards the cold-faced lady improved greatly!

There had been news that Tengda Corporation had taken over the Cold-Faced Lady recently; there had been no news of the Cold-Faced Lady since the Street Food Contest. It had gradually faded out of the public eye.

The popularity of the internet came and went quickly. Most netizens had goldfish memories.

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Many people’s impression of the cold-faced lady was still on “Meng Chang”, “hot searches”, and “disgusting roasted cold noodles”. When they saw this video, their eyes lit up!

Strictly speaking, it was difficult to determine if this video was a promotional video or a documentary.

On one hand, it was to promote delicious food and the Cold-Faced Lady’s Gourmet Laboratory. On the other hand, it was filming all sorts of details using documentaries. It gave people a strong sense of authenticity.

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Delicacy had always been a topic that could easily accumulate popularity on video websites. Many UP Masters who had millions of fans had started their lives with food-related content.

Thus, this well-rehearsed and sincere video immediately became extremely popular and attracted widespread discussion!

The various details displayed in the video made people feel that it was realistic. Naturally, they had a better impression of the brand ‘Cold-Faced Lady’, which had already been partially cleared.

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The video was indeed popular, but Pei Qian felt light-headed.

When was this video filmed?!

The video was posted using Fei Huang Workspace’s official account. Obviously, Huang Sibo and the others were the ones who filmed the video.

More importantly, what was the Cold-Faced Lady’s Gourmet Laboratory?

Pei Qian immediately felt a sense of danger.