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He then pulled out several large frigates, equipped with a large number of range-killing weapons, together with the command ship, as decoys.

The remaining main force of the Alliance Fleet was attacking the Zergs from the front while the other went around the back of the planet to intercept the Zergs that were waiting in space.

That way, the human forces on the battlefield would surpass the Zergs.

If the Zergs did not execute the decapitation strike on the command ship, the humans who had the upper hand in terms of military strength would have a huge chance. If the Zergs carried out the decapitation operation on the command ship, the commander would still be able to sacrifice a large number of Zergs’ military strength. He would be able to guarantee a victory on the battlefield at the cost of sacrificing himself.

The images around Qin Yi kept switching to various corners of the battlefield.

On the main battlefield, the human forces suppressed the Zergs in terms of numbers. Not only did they guard the defensive line, but they also had the energy to continue advancing, closing in on above the Zerg’s nest and cooperating with the decapitation mission;

The human fleet in space met the Zerg fleet. Countless starships exploded and disintegrated. The Zergs’ countless Leviathan Beasts were attacked by dense artillery fire. The poisonous gas in their bodies burned violently. The flames in the sky were like beautiful fireworks.

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He was obviously losing contact with the decapitation teams that had infiltrated the Zerg nest one by one. However, because the main battlefield had effectively dispersed the Zerg army, the survival rate of these teams was obviously much higher than before.

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Everything seemed to be going according to plan.

However, at that moment, an ear-piercing alarm suddenly sounded throughout the entire space. Red warning words appeared on the surrounding image. A large number of Zerg troops broke through the defensive line outside the command ship and pounced towards it!

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AEEIS’ cold voice sounded. “Attention! Once the command ship is destroyed, all units will be taken over by AEEIS. Commander, please make the appropriate arrangements in advance.”

Qin Yi quickly turned his attention and gave orders to every unit.

He requested for the frontline troops to speed up their attacks and charge towards the top of the Zergs that the execution team had found. He wanted them to cooperate with the execution team.

He requested the fleet at the back of the planet to stall the remaining Zerg fleet at all costs.