Online part-time money is cheated how to deal with

Online part-time money is cheated how to deal with

Otto Technologies did not have its own factory. It must have designed the smart stereo system by itself and found other factories to produce it. There was no particularly high technical threshold.

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In other words, the quality of this thing was about the same as the echo wall products produced by the original factory. However, the price was raised because of the addition of a bickering machine.

What’s more, the price of over two thousand yuan could only be considered a slightly better entry-level product which was not very ideal for fans. It was completely incomparable to the sound systems and echo walls costing thousands or tens of thousands of yuan.

See, there were many faults as long as they were willing to look!

Pei Qian felt that Chen Yufeng and the others, who were in charge of preparing Ma Yang’s live-stream, were professional teams. They would definitely be better at picking faults than him.

They would tear down the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine. He could at least dissuade some consumers even if he could not dissuade all, right?

It would be a good thing if he could keep a batch of goods in the warehouse before settlement.

Ma Yang said, “Okay Brother Qian, I’ll talk to Chen Yufeng and get him to start preparing for the next live-stream. Then, we’ll start working on the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine!”

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, let me take a look after the first edition of the script. I’ll clear it for you.”

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“No problem, Brother Qian. Just watch!” Ma Yang left excitedly.

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Pei Qian could not help but feel emotional as he watched Ma Yang leave.

It was a blessing to be a slacker like Old Ma.

It seemed like no matter what happened, he was always so optimistic, unlike himself, who was filled with all sorts of worries every day, racking his brains to lose more money.

How envious.