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「Aha! That’s because you are much more important to me than a boring order…!」

He wasn’t joking or anything, it seemed he was really only interested in『Me』.

「…Just who the hell are you?」

I can’t see his face from here because he was wearing a black hood.

「Nnー… You’re so terrible for forgetting about me… Even though I’m thinking about Allen, day after day after day after day after day… you know?」he said, laughing cheerfully with his arms wide open.

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「Why don’t you take off the hood already? I don’t have time for this.」

It was likely that explosives were still planted in this building.

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I don’t want to stay in such a dangerous place for too long.

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「Don’t rush… We were finally reunited after all, you know? Oh right, will you remember if I said this… Dropout Swordsman-sama?」


Dropout Swordsman.

The only person who called me in that manner, in middle-school – the guy at Gran Swordsmanship Academy.