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It was hard to imagine his strength based on his outward appearance. It felt like it would be difficult to break free of his hold.

“…You’ve gone and done something quite reprehensible, Mr. Acting Director.”

“I know you were sent instructions to have him expelled, Sakayanagi.”

“So that message was from one of your associates then? Since school officials aren’t able to explicitly force an expulsion, it’s understandable that you would come to rely on someone like me.”

Sakayanagi smiled as she slowly got up from the floor.

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“Thank you for helping me, Ayanokōji-kun.”

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It would’ve been impossible for Sakayanagi to avoid that given her physical handicap.

There was even a chance that it wouldn’t have ended with just a fall.

“Do you believe your violent behavior against students will go unnoticed, Mr. Acting Director?”

“There’s no need for me to worry about it. The surveillance cameras in this area have been doctored to show dummy footage.”

In other words, no matter what happened, there wouldn’t be any recording of it.

“Now then, Ayanokōji, I have a message from your father. He has no interest in playing this childish game anymore, and wants you to come home immediately. How about you blink twice if you understand?”

I was unable to speak a single word, and furthermore, wasn’t even given an option to refuse.

This was really something ‘that man’ would do.

“So you have no intention of making this easy for yourself?”

In response to my complete, unresponsive silence, the acting director began to mumble as he got bored.