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In my eyes, who was always fighting with Chiaki, that’s an extraordinary expression…

“…Crap. I just accidentally felt that…Chiaki’s a bit adorable!”

I already have Tendou-san as my girlfriend. I can’t believe I’m attracted by this seaweed, what the hell!

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To expel these evil thoughts, I quickly slammed the table with my forehead. Although Chiaki and the staff freaked out as they looked at me was embarrassing, …the pervert that ignored his angelic girlfriend for a clump of seaweed deserved punishment like this. I’ll have to gladly accept it.

I pressed my slightly red forehead as I raised my face with tears in my eyes. So, Chiaki smiled bitterly, but she didn’t talk about my strange actions. Instead, she brought us back to where we were.

“As for Twisted God’s Reincarnation, I’m finally at the last scene where I’ll have to pick which side I should follow. The same goes for you, right?”

“Ah, yep, you’re right.”

“I initially called you here to talk about this, didn’t expect this to turn into you talking about your bizarre adventures when you got invited to the Game Club…”

“S-Sorry, Chiaki, that was a long walk. Uh, so, you decided to choose…”

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“Ah, before that.”

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Chiaki interrupted my question and acted like she’s passing me a microphone. She even asked with a slightly mischievous smile.

“Please tell me first, the choice you’ve made at last. Tell me, Master Keita Amano, who’s seemingly trying to respect both milk and pure coffee at the same time, what did you choose.”

“…Me? …Haha, you’re dumb. Of course, …the choice that I’ve made, there’ll only be one.”